Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog Your Heart

Last Wednesday (myself) along with all the parents from my sons middle school recieved a recorded alert message that a sixth grade student had made an attempt to attack a teacher with scissors. They said that the teacher was not hurt and that the student had been taken away by the police:

Haverhill Middle School Student Accused Of Attacking Teacher With Scissors

By Beth Germano, WBZ-TV

HAVERHILL (CBS) – A sixth grade female student was arrested and removed from a Haverhill middle school after police say she attacked her teacher with a pair of scissors.
The alleged incident happened just before the close of school at the John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School. Superintendent James Scully said the teacher could feel the scissors on her back but they did not penetrate the clothing.
“When the teacher’s back was towards her, she took the scissors and tried to assault the teacher from the rear. The teacher did feel there was an instrument in her back,” said Scully.
The student was arrested and escorted from the school. Classmates say they’ve had run-ins with her before, and the superintendent said the teacher had been working with the student on some “difficulties.”
“I would be worried for my own safety if she got really mad,” said sixth grader Hannah Guzman.
By calling in police the school says it followed protocol, and according to the superintendent, will hold the student accountable for her alleged actions. “The volatility of what the child has that would set them off is so scary,” said parent Sandy Forissi.
It’s unclear what provoked the alleged attack leading to the suspension of the student for now. “She tried to attack them with scissors, that’s like attacking with a knife and you could seriously hurt someone,” said student Connor Ferguson


Is it terrible that the first thing I thought was, 'at least it was not my kid.' ?

 That night there was a Memorial Day concert at school. When we arrived all the major networks were there. I was asked to speak on camera. I chose not to, Bryants dad did. They wanted a parents reaction. It was a scrary thing that happened in our little city. I am a bit numb. I am glad no one was hurt. It is just a bit surreal that's all.


  1. That is definitely a surreal experience. And I think it's normal to have those reactions.

  2. Oh Dawn...How scary.I can identify with this. Everytime there is a casualty my heart is broken but there is always that brief moment of "Thank God that's not me" and the guilt that follows. Thanks so much for joining in.xoxo