Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mass General...trip number one

Took a trip to Mass general yesterday.
Bryant's first neurology appointment.
We were told, just as a precaution.
At his inital trip to the emergency room in Nashua
at a follow up with his doctor,
we were first told it was dehydration.
But, his doctor also thought that a trip to neurolgy  
at Mass General,
would not be a bad idea.
The doctors he saw there were nice enough.
They asked a lot of questions
checked him out
and tested him on all kinds of small physical things.
They said he did well.
Everything looked fine,
but they think that
just from all they have heard
about what happened on Saturday,
that he did in fact have a seizure
and they still want to find out why.
we will head back next week for an EEG
 EEG, measures and records the electrical activity of the neurons in the brain.
They tell us this may (or may not) give us some answers.
It is a start
We shall see what happens.

Keep us in your prayers.

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