Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Race Day at Loudon

So we headed up to the track,
early Sunday morning.
They said it was gonna be a hot one
and they were not mistaken.
The first place we headed was pit road:
A view from the inside looking out:
My favorite place,
the #14 pit.
My man, Smoke.
Loved seeing the set up,
up close.
Only the best forTony,
the reigning Sprint Cup Champion.
Speaking of champions. I got to see the official
Sprint cup trophy,
up close.
Even though, officially, Tony's first couple of championships
were Winston Cup,
It was cool to see his name on the trophy here
for 2002:
here for 2005:
My other favorite is #88,
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Enjoyed watching them set up too:
We also got to see the current Miss Sprint Cup:
and chatted briefly with local celeb Ricky Craven:
Even though it did not rain,
this beautiful rainbow appeared
right before the race started.
It was a great day.
Though there was not alot of excitement,
till the latter part of the race.
I am happy for the winner,
Kasey Kahne.
His second win at Hendrick.
Plus, Tony is sort of a Hendrick
driver too.
(He uses Hendrick engines)
Team Hendrick finished
1st Kahne
4th Jr
6th Gordon
7th Johnson
(10th Newman
12th Stewart)
Not too shabby, eh?
It was a great day indeed.

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