Sunday, August 19, 2012

Futures at Fenway

Took a ride down to Boston
to check out this years
Futures at Fenway games.
Always a good time for cheap money.
Sad to see the flag at half mast...
in honor of the great Johnny Pesky.
He will be missed.
The first game was the Lowell Spinners
Hudson Valley Renegades.
Though a very exciting 9th inning,
Hudson Valley won
The second game was the Pawtucket Red Sox
the Buffalo Bison's.
Bison's won this one 2-0
Even had a little tme to hang out
in the official Red Sox store
where we wanted to buy everything.
It was a great day,
Anyday in Fenway is a good day.
So glad we went.
Play Ball! 

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