Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun Five (Saturday)?

I really had the best intentions
to post this on Friday...
Here are a few fun things
from the past week.
I LOVE all things glee!
So, of course I have enjoyed
the last 2 seasons of the glee project.
These are the four finalists
from season one.
All four of them were on glee
last season.
These are the three finalists
from season 2
But, alas. only one winner this year.
I can't wait to see him on glee-season 4.
The Closer is another show that I love.
Their series finale was this week.
I will miss it.
It was a really great show.
My favorite sports radio station
celebrated their third anniversary on Monday.
My favorites are the guys from the
Toucher & Rich show.
They make my morning commute
quite enjoyable!
This is my latest read.
I really enjoyed it.
It was a good story.
Go check it out.
This week I also
had lunch
got to catch up
with my friend Debbie,
(love this old pic of us!)
I really need to make more time
for us to hang out.
It has been a pretty good week.

Yay me!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dawn...
    Yes it WAS GREAT to have lunch with you and spend some great time together. We just have to do this More often. I LOVE this picture of us...what fun we had at that game! GO PATS!