Friday, September 28, 2012

My IU Re-cap

This was my 3rd year attending Teresa Collins' Inspiration Unlimited event. The expirience just continues to get better every year. I flew in on Wednesday, though the event starts on Friday. I have learned to arrive early, as the time difference really kicks my butt!
I met some really amazing ladies last year and I am so blessed to call them my friends. They asked me me to be their roommate this year and it worked out perfect!

The Green Valley Hotel/Resort is beautiful. Here is the entance heading to our room:
This year we were on the 6th floor:
Gorgeous rooms:
With lots of light & room:
It was always this beautiful out everyday:
Thursday we headed out for a little scrappy shopping & then lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe':
We had a great lunch:
Then we headed over to the strip. One of my favorite places was the m & m store. It had four floors! It was so cool!
There were m & m's in just about every color imaginable! 
 Viva Las Vegas!
Though it was really nice to get out and about, it really was all about the event. There would never even be an event, if it were not for the fabulous Ginger. She is amazing and we love her!
There are 6 classes. 3 on Friday and 3 on Saturday. Lots of creative energy all around!
 One of the fabulous teachers this year (that I was dying to meet!) was the very talented Vicki Boutin.
 She is so cool!
Teresa teaches 2 classes, one each day. Our group had her for the first class on Friday and the last class on Saturday. Basically we started and ended with Teresa. It was awesome!
I love her! 
I am so happy to call her a friend. 
I am really blessed to have been taken in (or adopted as Teresa puts it) by these lovely ladies & Teresa too! We had the best time this year. We had a lot of fun, but it went by so quick!
I miss them all already.
Til next year.
The countdown begins to IU 2013.

Happy Scrappin'!!

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