Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heading Up Country

It has been ten years since Steves dad has passed.
We took a ride up to northern NH.
to visit his grave and and his parents hometown.
It is also nearing the end of leaf peeping season
The scenery is breathtaking. So pretty.
We also thought we would head up to see where the former
'Old Man of the Mountain' once presided.
It was quite foggy up there.
Loved this little rustic cabin with the history of the old man.
 Almost there
Sadly the old man 'fell' back in 2003
Then in 2011 the Profile Plaza was created
To keep the memory
The symbol of NH 
The real view is so sad
Here are the posts

(close up)
To re-invent the view
Though it is not the real thing
The sentiment and the idea is pretty cool!
I enjoyed seeing all the history about it too.
It was a pretty great day,
which would have lasted longer,
if hadn't started to rain, really rain.
Thus no pics of us.
It really was a good day.

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