Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting Lori

Through my love of scrapbooking
and my love of sports
(and sometimes a combination of both!)
I have met so many great people
and have made some amazing new friends.

Three years ago, I shared this layout with Teresa Collins
and she posted it on her blog.
This is where I first 'met' Lori.
Through our love of the Red Sox
and scrapbooking,
we became friends.
We have kept in touch through e-mail, IM and Facebook
over all this time
and we were finally able to meet up IRL
this past Saturday night.
She is originally from Stoughton , MA,
but now lives in Idaho.
She was 'home' this past week
to visit with family & friends,
so this was a great oppotunity.
Steve and I took the hour trip down to Stoughton,
to a little local place called The Last Shot.
It was a cool, 'very Bawstin' sports bar.
We had a great time!
 Though we only got to hang out for a couple of hours,
it was worth the trip.
I feel like I have known Lori for-evah!

Good times indeed!

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