Thursday, August 16, 2012

You are so special to me

I picked this fun class kit up
at my one of my local scrapbook stores a couple of weeks ago.
I am not sure if the class was offered there,
because this was the last one of these kits.
It was designed by a woman named Mary-Ann.
You can check out her blog here
I did not take the class and
I am not usually a 'kit' person,
but something drew me to this one.
I think it was the papers by EP.
They are so boyish
and the colors are perfect.
The pics I used as the theme for this mini,
were just random faves of B from over the years.
Most I have probably already scrapped before,
but they are so cute
they are definately worth a second look
or scrap-ha!
Here is the fun cover.
I love all the layering.
The first pic is one of my favorite fall pics,
taken back when B was about 7
and the other pic
was taken last year
after the Bruins victory parade in Boston.
The first pic here was taken in my parents yard,
a few years back and the other one
is a funky fun pic that I took of B,
many Summers ago. 
Love the hair!
The first pic here is a cute one taken at Loudon
and the other is a cute poolside pic.
The pics here are one of B rockin' his country look
and the other as a baby boy on his rockin' horse-ha!
More cute pics.
Pumpkin carving
and one of my all time faves...
Bryant's first day of first grade.
Look at that pout.
Bryants first Halloween
and a silly pic,
taken at Hampton Beach.
Monkey crossing...hahaha!
Cute pics at the park
and fun at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Hanging at the track
and a sweet simple pic.
These pics are fun.
I want my mummy...
I love it!
..and more fun with American Idol imitation
and a fun candy covered (face) kid !
This was such a fun kit!
So, glad I picked it up!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

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