Thursday, December 6, 2012

At the Park

Last month B & I took a trip
to the park,
where he used to play as a little dude.
He was probably the oldest kid,
but he loves it there:
 Though he was wearing shorts,
it was very cold that day!

We had so much fun we came back a couple of weeks later.
On a nicer day this time and decided to walk one of the trails
the park has surrounding the pond.
Look at my handsome boy:
He is growing up so fast!
It was a gorgeous sunny day!
Makes me wish that I had a canoe:
A wee bit of rock climbing..
I'm king of the world!
Being silly!
Love it!
and serious..
love this too!
There were markers all along the way,
so we could not get lost!
It really was a perfect day!
Almost there!
Back to the park!
So much fun!
What a great day!
I really enjoy simple days like this!

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